Cain for State Rep
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“My campaign is about putting the community first, not special interests groups or people in power for themselves. My guiding principle is that government must reflect the will of the people.”

“The hardworking people of Illinois that earned a pension deserve to feel security in their self-investment. The future of Illinois depends upon the creation of sustainable pension systems and protection of benefits for vulnerable Illinoisans.”

Meet Connie Cain

Connie is a 30-year resident of the Village of Gilberts and a lifelong resident of Illinois.

She has been happily married to Richard Cain for 30 years. They were engaged shortly after Connie completed Basic Training at Fort Jackson in South Carolina. She proudly served in the United States Army Reserves for 8 years and was honorably discharged.

United States Army Reserves

Connie holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from North Central College in Naperville and is a Licensed Certified Public Accountant with the State of Illinois. She has spent a total of 20 years working in financial services and is experienced in Fraud Investigations and Dispute Resolution.

Ironically, the largest special-interest group in the state are the taxpayers and to most politicians in Springfield, the taxpayers are clearly not the priority. For the last five years, Connie has volunteered as a Tax Policy Advocate focused on improving the quality of life in Illinois. Her ultimate goal is to restore the State Of Illinois as a beacon of prosperity and to protect the welfare of the most vulnerable Illinoisans.

What does it all mean to the voters?

  • Connie is a lifelong Illinois resident, and she has strong ties to the community. After raising a family in Illinois, she understands what it takes to raise a family here

  • As a Certified Public Accountant, Connie has a deep understanding of Illinois' fiscal crisis. She will be able to get to work right away, finding ways to restore Illinois' financial health.

  • Connie's ten years of experience in Dispute Resolution means she has the expertise to mediate an agreement on your behalf.

  • Connie's past service in the military means she has the discipline, dedication, and determination to serve the people of Illinois. She understands the concept of self-sacrifice.

  • Connie's work as a Public Policy Advocate gives her a head start in dealing with a legislative agenda that pertains to state government. Connie already has an established network of contacts from which to draw.


  • Connie is Pro-Life. She wholeheartedly supports the right to life from conception until natural death.

  • Connie supports strong Second Amendment Rights and will always protect the right to bear arms in Illinois.

  • Connie is a fiscal conservative.

Top Priorities…

  • Allow People to Vote on Fixing the Pension Clause.

  • The people who must pay for public pensions should decide whether to grant the state legislature the ability to change future benefits.

  • End Illinois State tax gouging through Property Tax Relief and Reform.

  • Illinois property owners pay the second-highest property tax in the nation. Through measures aimed at efficiency, property owners will realize tax savings on their bills.

  • Empower Illinois leaders to end corruption through Ethics Reform.

  • Corruption decreases economic growth and discourages investment in the state. The Illinois Legislative Inspector General needs greater independence to get the job done. The LIG should have the power to issue subpoenas, initiate investigations, and report findings of wrongdoing to the public.

  • Inspire Illinois businesses by supporting an Economic Stimulation Plan.

  • Reduce property taxes and burdensome regulations that drive job creators out of the state. Illinois should be a place where businesses want to move into, rather than leave.

  • Defending parental rights through Right to Know.

  • The repeal of the Parental Notification Act of Abortion is an assault on parental rights. No parent should be left in the dark about their children's health and welfare.



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